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TAKEAWAYS The global economy faced a crisis of unprecedented magnitude following the coronavirus pandemic lockdowns. A sharp global contraction in early 2020, and possible renewed dip in Europe in the fourth quarter, should nonetheless be followed by

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Measuring the factor exposures of ESG and low-carbon investing in equities The rewards of being socially responsible Blending an ESG and a factor approach ESG integration goes beyond portfolio construction While there is a growing consensus that

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House Awards: Hong Kong | Greater China Equity | Best-In-Class House Awards Singapore | Greater China Equity | Best-In-Class House Awards Hong Kong | China Equity | Manager of the Year House Awards Singapore | China Equity

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Biz@HKUST ESG Webinar Hong Kong has entered the stage of adopting green and sustainable finance in earnest with private sector action and regulatory support. As an international financial center, Hong Kong can – and must – better utilize

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